The Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial of Colleville-sur-mer overlooks one of the Normandy landing beaches, Omaha Beach, on 172 acres.

This cemetery was inaugurated in 1956 and keeps aproximatly 10,000 US soldier tombs. It is the largest, best known and most moving cemeteries of the American landing with white crosses lined up and facing west, “to the country.”

At the end of the aisle was erected a memorial with a bronze statue symbolizing the “Spirit of American youth rising from the waves.” On the wall of missing more than 1,500 names are inscribed. Visiting this place is impressive and allows the visitor to realize the importance of fighting and sacrifice of this generation.

The belvedere overlooking the sea gives a clear view point to understand what was the allied landing and enables you to finish your visit with a decent to the beach.

This visit not to be missed during your stay in Flottemanville.